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Factions of Cyphis

  • Midnighters
  • Devil’s Men
  • Damaran Trading Company
  • Order of St. Arzilas & the Scarlet Guard

Cyphis’ Wards

The River Districts

These wards sit along the Damaran river, nestled beneath the high walls of the upper city. It is the heart of the city’s commerce and trade, as well as home to working classes.

Traders Quarter

River Quarter

Old Town

This island is the site of the oldest parts of the city. Canals course through the wards here in a clash of the poorest ruins and old family mansions, revitalized shops, and trendy plazas.

Hornhill Quarter

The High Quarter

The high quarter is the domain of the nobility, city officials, and the clergy. This walled section of the city sits high above the rover shores in a sharp divide of power and class.

Eastern Shore

Across the river lie the isolated citadel of the mysterious watchers and the eastern gate, the terminus of the spice road to the east.

Cyphis’ Places of Interest

  • The Gorgon (a tavern on the edge of Thornwall)
  • The Scarlet Serpent (Cyphis’ river)
  • The Twin Eels (tavern in Middlemark Drogo haunts)
  • Sign of the Serpent (tavern in Thornwall)

Main Page

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