Melger Roark

Pursuer of scofflaws and cretins, blunt instrument


Bravo bounty hunter, level 3

Aim Athletics Prowess Craft Lore Sorcery Cunning Influence Stealth   Defense Vigor Wits Resolve
+2 +2 +1   11 10 10 9
Minor Wounds        
Major Wounds        


  • Intimidate
  • Tough as Nails

Melger Roark is an uncommon bounty hunter of common criminals and bond jumpers. What he lacks in refinement he makes up for in thorough knowledge of the streets. Lately, he tows around a protege bounty hunter called Stryx, a rumored fatespinner. The pair have a steady stream of income from the Damaran Trading Company. Among their bounties is El Caganer, the formal naval officer alleged mutineer of the Star Catcher, a Damaran trader ship, some years ago.

Melger Roark

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