The City of Eyes

Struggle at Sign of the Serpent

Near riot interferes with legal bondsman

From the ledger of Argal Cryr
Late evening. Rook appeared with trinkets, hb, w, nk, prle. -300s
Took job for family G clientele. Will see which crew brings in first.

The Observer
What ho! fair city. No sooner than smoke rose in Middlemark, as your Observer reported prior, than did further reports of foreign agitators arrive.

I cite Halger Roark, licensed officer and bondsman of the Camirzia Trading Company , who claims these scofflaws incited riotous behavior in the tavern as he lawfully attempted to pursue his bond claim with one of the foreign individuals. This paper confesses admiration for Roark’s might and capacity for consumption, but in doubt are his faculties of observation. He made no mention of co-conspirators, nor of he strange powder nestled on his vest and britches, nor could he account for the apparent escape of said foreigner.

However, his fairer companion spoke volumes through silence when asked of other participants flight from the tavern during the altercation. We shall speak no ill of the white-haired lady, rumors of whom are sure to be false.

I will note a connection too coincidental to be the provence of chance. That mustachoied barkeep made mention of the agitators interest in purchasing liquor. Not any liquor, but Flager Spirits liquor! Why, even our dimwit Lamplighters can mend these threads! And yet …

In sum, dear reader, this Observer surmises a trio of mayhem has unleashed upon fair Cyphis a ruinous campaign. Who then, will act?

Yours, as ever, Cyphis.
-the Observer



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